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    Getting started in podcasting doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can feel like a lot when thinking through the right microphone to use, how to edit, where to find guests, etc. With this free guide, you can find out Everything You Need To Know To Start A Podcast In 24 Hours. In it you’ll find things like:

    • Foundation Questons: Why am I/we doing this podcast? Who’s our target audience, and more.
    • Technology: What kinds of gear do I need? What kind of software do I need?
    • Editing: There are so many platforms, how do I choose the right one for me?
    • Distribution: Now that I’ve created my first podcast, how do I get it out there?
    • What happens before/during/after the show?

    Those are all normal questions to ask yourself, and that’s where I want to help. Download this free down and dirty guide to get you started on your podcast journey in 24 hours or less.

    Bonus: You’ll also get the Google Sheets template that I use for keeping up with my guest list scheduling, promotion, and guided question list.

    To learn podcasting from A to Z, be sure to check out the full course here.

    If you have any questions, feel free to set up a time to chat with me below. Happy podcasting!