On-Point Families

Dallas, Texas


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity

On-Point Families

On-Point Families is a Dallas, Texas based company that works with families on selecting the right programs, therapeutic resource, or plan during a time of need.

On-Point Families approached The Lanyap Group to assist in creating an identity suite that is cohesive, inspiring, and targeted.

Brand Identity

When starting the brand identity process, we sat down with the team from On-Point Families and discussed their vision for the brand. We discussed who it spoke to, what the message conveys, and what that place looks like in their market.

In the end, we presented a brand that was approachable, knowledgeable, and conversational.


When working on color for On-Point Families, we chose a blue heavy palette to represent loyalty, trust, and stability. Since families reach out to On-Point Families in times of uncertainty and stress, the yellow pop color gives a sense of optimism, positivity, and energy.

Blue Lagoon




Witch Haze




Identity Suite

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“Working with The Lanyap Group exceeded our expectations! They were patient with my partner and I as we changed our minds, and their professional guidance eased our uncertainties.”

Jennifer B., On-Point Families

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