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Treatment Consultants

When we were first introduced to Prepare to Bloom, it was apparent that this would be one of our most fun projects yet.

Prepare to Bloom approached us looking for a brand identity suite, print collateral, and an updated website. Their current branding and website weren’t quite matching an actual experience with them, so that’s where we stepped in.

Prepare to Bloom

San Francisco, California


Brand Identity
Marketing Collateral
Brand Identity

During our initial discovery calls, we discovered just how unique and valuable this team really is. Their approach to therapeutic consulting is very detailed and numbers driven, so we wanted to build a brand identity that was just as unique.

Their main identifiers have two options, which incorporate a clean line, almost surgical approach, while the floral aspects give a sense of motion and growth.

Icon & Colors

We created a linear iconography set to help keep their brand fresh and alive. For their color palette, we chose plum as a primary color because it combines the calm stability of blue and fierce energy of red. The gold color is associated with achievement, prestige, and sophistication. As the secondary color moves from Dusty Blue to Light Grey, it’s meant to be the impartial, numbers-driven color that balances the scale.







Dusty Blue


Light Grey


Identity Suite & Print Collateral

The rest of the brand identity suite and print collateral all utilize the straight line, gradient, strong pop color approach. The end result is the same experience you have when meeting the Prepare to Bloom team… a highly approachable, conversational experience where you leave every encounter knowing more than when you started.