Wanderlust Warrior

San Diego, California


Publication Artwork


Wanderlust Warrior Project exists as a community of  authenticity and strength for young women ages 13-23. The movement  pushes back the myriad of both cynical and well-intentioned forces that  conspire to quell curiosity and individuality among our tribe. It creates space and empowerment for each of us to ask her own questions  and follow her own paths in life.

The movement fosters courage, wisdom and a relentless passion for truth. Our paths are our own. And Wanderlust Warrior Project exists to help young women find their unique path and stay true to their heart.

The Book

The Wanderlust Warrior book, set for release in early 2019, is a powerhouse of who’s who. From the founder of NYX Cosmetics to the former VP of Communications at Prada, the Wanderlust Warrior book is full of stories, testimonials, and activities for young women.

The Lanyap Group was tasked with helping to bring the interior visuals of this book to life through quotes, activities, and inspiration.

One of the first steps after our discovery call was to create a mood board that set the tone for the style of artwork the author was looking for.

Artwork Design

When designing the artwork for the Wanderlust Warrior Project, we wanted the designs to to feel personal and inspiring. In keeping with the boho, explorer kind of feel, we aimed to give each page the ability to stand out on it’s own, yet also feel cohesive to the book as a whole.

Icon & Colors

The Sea Gray and Dune colors keep you grounded and close to the earth. They’re stable, tough, take-no-nonsense kinds of colors, whereas the Sahara and Beauty colors provide optimism, character, and uniqueness.

Sea Gray








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