Brand Expert.

The mission is simple:
Empower 10,000 entrepreneurs by 2025
to create the business they dream of.

David Ezell is an entrepreneur, founder, speaker, and brand expert. With over a decade of experience in launching businesses and driving marketing efforts of high growth companies, he knows what separates the average businesses from the remarkable.

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How To Ride A Roller Coaster is a YouTube show where David interviews and chats with entrepreneurs about the roller coaster known as entrepreneurship. They talk through the highs, the lows, and give you tangible takeaways that you can use to jumpstart your business or idea.


This is where you can find the full-episodes of How To Ride A Roller Coaster. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or your favorite streaming platform.
How To Ride A Roller Coaster with David Ezell podcast


David is a sought after speaker for his talks on entrepreneurship, business growth, and branding. Contact him today by using the link below.
David Ezell speaking


David is the host of Founders Live Dallas, a monthly pitch competition where local DFW companies each get 99 seconds to pitch their value proposition and the crowd votes on the winner.

Learn more about Founders Live Dallas below as well as keep up with upcoming events and past winners.